In the winter of 1883, the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) went to live with his parents in the village of Nuenen.

The Netherlands is a small country. Nuenen is only an hour drive from Amsterdam. For those who love Vincent van Gogh there is a lot to like there: the little church where his father was a pastor, the house of his friend and mistress Margot Begemann, the windmill that is visible on so many paintings.

One of the most remarkable buildings is gone though. It was demolished in Vincent van Gogh’s time, not long before he left Nuenen in 1885. It’s the old church tower. Just like the windmill, it is depicted on many paintings.

The tower stood outside the village in the fields. Nowadays it’s a residential area. The ground plan of the tower has been marked with stone.


Strangely enough, this spot has become a favorite place. It is a bit sad of course. But, well, that’s life. Things come and things go. Fortunately we have the paintings and drawings.

Just look at the one above. Vincent van Gogh drew it in the first days after his arrival in Nuenen. It’s called ‘Snowy Landscape with the Old Tower’. The tower seems a bit lonely and it is almost as if it wants to say something, or so it seems, don’t you think?

In response to this week’s WordPress photo challenge: Favorite place.

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