High up in the mountains of the French island of Corse lies a deserted village. It’s called Muna. It was abandoned by its inhabitants some hundred years ago.

I know the village because my sister and her family live a few miles further up the road. We paid a few visits to Muna. I think it’s an enchanting place.

There’s a little church, a small square with trees, and a few scattered houses, some of them in ruins. It is very silent, you will meet no one, because hardly anyone visits the place.

This week’s WordPress photo challenge is about the effects of time and the elements. My first thoughts were of Muna, in particular some remnants in the church. Rusty tea lights, dusty matches, all frozen in the yellow light of the stained glass that’s still in the church window.

Voilà, my contribution to this week’s WordPress photo challenge: Weathered.

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